Hey. So you have a WooCommerce plugin installed on your WordPress site, but you would like to change certain titles and buttons to display something other than , “Cart,” “Add To Cart,” “Checkout,” or “Order?” Then this segment should be helpful to you.

Why Modify?

Changing the buttons and text gives you more options on how users/clients can acquire your products. It enables you to change it to cater to specific payment methods or change it into a quotation system with no online payment method needed. This becomes beneficial in the case of the site being used in another country where the U.S English titles such as ‘cart‘ doesn’t apply.

Applying the code

I have added the code below. You can simply paste the code into your themes functions.php file (hopefully a child theme so it won’t change when you do updates) or into a custom plugin you made.

Making it work

It is as easy as changing the parts that are indicated such as

Proceed to Checkout’

‘Place Order’

‘Order Summary’

‘Update cart’

‘Add to order’

and ‘View cart’ to whatever you prefer.

By Carlo Merrick

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

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